My week of Trashin’ the Dress!!!!

This week……I was lucky enough to do 4 (yes, FOUR!!!!!) trash the dress sessions.  (I think I am now officially an addict.)  One session I posted already (click here to see), in a barn setting that was SO fabulous and fun.  This week I did grafitti walls, waterfall streams, beaches, and even brides up in a TREE!  How awesome is that?!?!?!?!  I hope you enjoy looking at these photos even a fraction of the amount that I enjoyed taking them.  These ladies and their guys were awesome!  I thank them for letting me be a part of these memories of their wedding days and dresses. 🙂

I was married 18 years ago, and the concept of Trash the Dress sessions after weddings hadn’t even been thought up yet.  If it had, I would have been first in line…..these are the most fun of all the sessions that I do!

If you arent familiar with “trash the dress” sessions, here is a basic description via Wikipedia:  Trash the dress, also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock, is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. Usually brides decide to have pictures taken on a beach, but other locations include city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings.

So, you can find images of women doing crazy things such a ripping the gown, or even setting it on fire while they are wearing it……all the way to the other end of the spectrum of just some relaxed shots, in a place other than a church or reception hall, where the bride and/or bride and groom are just having fun together.

Why do I wish that this concept had been invented waaaaaay back when I got married?  One of the things I remember about my wedding night (when all the festivities were over) was how sad I felt that I had to take that gorgeous dress off….and never put it on again.  Off it went to the storage/preservation box, never to be looked at again.  TODAY, these lucky gals get to wear it again.  To PLAY in it, without the stress of the wedding, the reception, the nerves, and all else a wedding can entail.  Its like a “FREE TO BE ME” session in the most gorgeous thing they will ever wear.  Who wouldnt be in LOVE with this idea???? 🙂


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  1. Oh I so would have done this! Love the concept and the photography! If only I could fit back into it so I could do it today! : )


  2. Thank you for all your kind words! 🙂 I’m right there with you…both on doing the session AND fitting into the dress! 😉


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