Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

A few of my favorites from places I have been in the mountains of North Carolina.  Boy it was so hard to pick, but these caught my eye right off the bat. Enjoy!

walking up the “path”

the “path” down the mountain. (Notice the awesome heart that mother nature made with a puddle of water at the bottom of this image)

A “path” through the woods.

My personal favorite:  Determination gets you through any “path” in life.  LOL


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  1. All four are beautiful photos! Love the puddle of water shaped like a heart in the second one.


  2. Love, love the NC mountains too.


  3. Beautiful scenes. Awesome one with the heart shape. Love the determined look and stance of the little one. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Thank you changeversations! I have visitied that waterfall many times, and I have only seen that heart shape on THAT day-never before or since. It was pretty cool. And yes- that little girl is so cute, and definitely full of determination! 😉


  4. wonderful, all them are great. but i especially like the tenacity expressed by the look on the face of the little girl in your fourth image. thanks for sharing these.


  5. Great selection – I love the B&W at the top and that bottom shot had me laughing. She looks a very determined young lady 🙂


    • Yes….I took the B&W at the top when we were hiking to the top of Black Balsam Knob in NC. I love the body language of the boy looking up the path he needs to climb. And the bottom shot makes me laugh as well, no matter how many times I see it. Thank you for the comments! 🙂


  6. love the B&W, waiting further up the trail for the little one to come along. The last one-adorable! Nice collection of NC mountain memories.


  7. So many different paths and all of them fabulous!


  8. these are such great shots – they all provide something different for the senses


  9. Great selection for the Challenge.


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