Preserving the important moments in our lives.


I tried to think of a word, one word,  to title this blog post with.

Celebration…recognition….nostalgia…..honor…..  Many words were swirling around in my mind, and I just could not settle on one. Finally I determined it was because there wasn’t really “one word” that could describe the wonderful event I was fortunate enough to photograph this past weekend.

W.I.L.P Hall of Fame.  (Acronym of WILP represents Wesleyville, Iriquois, and Lawrence Park)  Each year, this organization inducts people who are quite impressive  in our city’s history of sports.   Their records are so impressive, in fact, that they are to be recognized permanently  and forever in this Hall of Fame.  As quoted from their website:  “All inductees must have been out of school a minimum of ten years. They must have distinguished themselves or have made a significant impact on athletes in one of the three schools. These graduates must have demonstrated good citizenship in high school and beyond. They will continue to serve as role models for our current school students.”

I knew it would be fun to watch these people and their families and friends celebrate this life achievement together.  John Kolb, a former Pittsburg Steeler, was the guest speaker for the evening–so I was excited to photograph him, as well.  SO I willingly took the assignment ,and went off to my 3 evenings of photo shoots to document this event.

What I did not realize, was how many  WONDERFUL people I would have the pleasure of meeting.  How deserving they were of these awards.  Over the course of three days during the different events, I got to know a little tiny piece of both the people who were inducted as well as the people who run the WILP Hall of Fame.  The people who come from across the country each year to support it.  Wow…I was blessed to get to know these men and women.  I only wish I had more time to talk to them and get to know them better while I was there.  (Sadly, an occupational hazard of event photography is you have to be so focused on the moment, you have little time to talk.)

I sincerely thank them all for allowing me to share in their celebration.  I applaud them for all of their accomplishments (both the inductees, and the people who pull this event together each year!) I hope that by photographing it for them, I have returned the favor by preserving the memory it has now become in their lives.  🙂  And with that, I leave you some of the photos.  Enjoy!~


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