Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

In light of the holiday season (the shopping, decorating, wrapping, and photo sessions for Christmas Cards), I have fallen behind on my blogging once again.  I was out on location for a couples session last night.  At the beach.  In the north.  In January.  Although we froze our tushies off, it made for some stunning images (which I hope to add to my blog later tonight).

As we strolled along the beach, we came across this tree.  I rarely pause a photo shoot to take a picture for myself, but I know this couple well…and I simply could not resist the stunning image this ice covered tree presented me with.  Its something that even my fancy camera couldn’t really do justice to.  But here it is anyway, as I am now able to happily post my “Winter” photo Challenge.

To quote something I saw a friend post on Facebook recently:  “The winters will drive you crazy until you learn to get out into them.”
― Parker J. Palmer



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  1. oh wow, this is incredible Christine! thanks for sharing!
    i had to think of you the other name. my niece blogs, and she shared a link to a touching post from another blog on motherhood that i thought you might enjoy. i have never seen that other blog before, and i don’t know the author, but some of things she said brought you to mind. so pour yourself a tall cup of coffee and enjoy.
    Am linking to her post, “I had to share”. (she is a mom of 4, by the way) and you can find your way to that other post if you like. Blessings and strength to you for a new week ahead! Cheers!


  2. oops, pardon the typo & the ambiguities.
    line two above should say: i had to think of you the other day.
    and it is my niece who is a mother of four kids, and whose post is entitled, “I had to share” – and whose link i have provided.
    just to clarify 🙂


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