Every once in a while, you end up with a day that is almost perfect.

Today was that day.

We all need those days to hold on to.  For on those other kinds of days, the not so nice days, we need to have these pages in time to pull out… dust off ……and to remember.

Do YOU remember?

You have them, too.

If you close your eyes and let your mind go, you will find yourself there.  Back to one of those special places on a special day…..that day that was as close to perfect as days can be.

Today was day 4 of my visit to the NC mountains.  Today, not only did I get to have a fantastic visit with a dear friend, I got to go waterfall hiking with my most treasured of all people….my family. We went to Pisgah National Forest and hiked to Toms Spring Falls (a.k.a Daniel Ridge Falls).  One of the most beautiful places to be in WNC is in Pisgah, as no matter what you are looking for (vistas, waterfalls,streams, pathways, bridges)…it can be found there.

Here are a few snapshots into my day. And if I ever get lost, if I ever can’t seem to locate these images in my mind, thank God I can come back here.  Thats the beauty of photo blogging.  🙂





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  1. Love, love your pictures, especially the ones of the spooky bridge, and the sunset!!!

    I had a wonderful, relaxing time at your house today…. your daughter unfortunately may not have the same feelings!!! lol! I’m glad we got to spend some time together!


  2. such beautiful moments. i am intentionally weaning the word ‘wonderful’ out of my comments because it is one of my favourite words, and overuse is beginning to render it commonplace. however if i were to use it, this post would be deemed it. it is hard sometimes, but i will stick with beautiful, memorable – and thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. These photos are wonderful 😉 seriously though, fantastic shots. I love pictures of running water. I want to go to a river or something sometime soon and do some work


    • Thanks so much1 I have always found waterfalls very challenging to shoot. The balance has to be just perfect for the running water and for your shot not to be blown out. LOL Took a few years of practice to get it to this point…and I still would like to perfect it much more. Looking forward to following your pics as well. Cheers!


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