About Christine!

I have always been fascinated with photography and photos.  When you come to my house, instead of “museum art” scattered about the walls, it has always been pictures.  Pictures I took of landscapes, my children, my pets……everything meaningful and  important in my life.  But what was my “a-ha” moment that turned a hobby into a career?  It was 5 years ago, when my dear, sweet husband surprised me one year with a Canon Rebel T1i to replace my old tried and true point and shoot.  After a few months, friends started coming to me, asking if I would do sessions for them.  I started going to more friends, ASKING if I could do sessions of them.   The obsession began.  New lenses, new tricks, new equiptment….and eventually a new Canon 7D, which I still use today as I LOVE its versatility.

Now I am a full time photographer (although you can still catch me bartering from time to time…like when I have a friend who is a massage therapist…hahaha), a full time homeschooling mommy of 4 beautiful kids, and wife to my soulmate- without whom none of this would be possible.  🙂

Thanks for looking at my pictures and for following my blog.  Hop on over to my website to see all the images I have stored in my “gallery” page there! 🙂  Happy viewing!

  1. Good to get to know you a bit better, Christine.
    You’ve got a great blog here. Am bookmarking your site.
    Looking forward to future return visits,


  2. Nice site! Its always great to hear other stories about migrating to more serious photography…I’m trying to figure out my best entry into that post career job.


  3. Hi Christine, thank you so much for visiting and following Beauty Along the Road. It brought me here and I enjoy browsing around…


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