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Happy Mothers Day! And the winner is….

Photo #6: Jodi – “Mayday Mayday, We need professional help! ~Please vote for the Pirate Crew”

Congratulations to Jodi and her family for winning the Mothers Day photo contest, and the free session with CEP in June! ¬†ūüôā ¬†We look forward to seeing you and taking your photos on Presque Isle! ūüôā

We would like to take the time to thank ALL the moms who submitted photos for our contact.  We will be holding a mini session day on Presque Isle in June as well that we will open up to all 7 remaining moms.  Cost will be $50.00 per session (a $100.00 savings off our regular session price!)  The studio will email everyone with dates and times available.

Happy Mothers Day!  We hope each and every one of you reading this post has a wonderful, relaxing day today!

Mother’s Day Photo Contest!!!!

Sometimes, as I look back through my own pictures that I have of my family, I notice something disconcerting.  I am not in any of these pictures.  

Its not that I really LIKE having my picture taken….surprisingly I don’t…which is probably why I rarely ever ASK anyone to include me. ¬†When I sift back through my memories, however, I am a bit troubled by the fact that SOMEDAY, when it may be important to them, ¬†my children will not see me in any of these pictures. ¬†There will be but only a few pictures of me throughout there lifetimes. ¬†Why is that, I wonder?

I know the simple answer. ¬†Its because I am the one always taking the pictures. ¬†At first, I was convinced that this was because I am a photographer, and that I have a rather expensive camera that no one in my family feels comfortable touching. ¬†As I talk to more of my friends (also moms, I must add)…it seems that this is common in most households. ¬†Millions of pictures of the kids. ¬†Lots of pictures of Dad and the grandparents, several of aunts and uncles at family holiday get togethers, and one or two of Mom. ¬†Period. ¬†If you are lucky. ¬†Most of the time, only if you asked.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to offer the local moms of Erie PA the opportunity to change that.

I am offering a Mother’s Day Photo Contest. ¬†Check out the rules below. ¬†But its simple: ¬†have a friend, your spouse, or a family member grab your camera or cell phone and take a snapshot of you (mom) with your kids. ¬†It can be silly, it can be sweet, it can be anything you want it to be. ¬†Email that to me at: ¬† by Monday…and you will be entered into the contest. ¬†How do you win? ¬†With votes (see below). ¬†The winning prize??? A free session with me on Presque Isle in June. ¬†But the beauty of it? ¬†Even if you don’t win, you have a picture of you and your kids. ¬†It captured you and them at this exact moment in time. ¬†They will have that picture to remember you and them, and where you were at this moment in time, and they will have it (hopefully) forever.

Looking forward to receiving your submission!  All submissions will be posted here for voting beginning on May 1st.

Christine Erin Photography – 2012 Mother’s Day Photo Contest – Rules and Details

1. ¬†You will need to submit a photo of yourself with your children to be entered in the contest. ¬†Please submit with the tag line you would like used to represent your photo. (ex: ¬†Susan, Mary, and Margaret…etc)

2. ¬†The photo you enter in the contest must be taken by yourself or a family member… And you must have permission to use the photo. (no copyrighted or professional photos, please).

3.   You can not currently owe Christine Erin Photography for any past sessions due.

4. ¬†Email photo to : ¬† ¬†Photos will be collected from now through¬†April 30 (only 2 days!!!) .¬†¬†Photos will be posted on Christine Erin Photography’s BLOG ( on May 1st.¬†¬†Voting will begin¬†May 1st¬†and run through¬†May 12.¬†¬†Winner will be announced on Mother ‘s Day (Sunday May 13th).

5. ¬†You can vote for your photo once per day, each day,¬†from May 1st through May 12.¬†¬†Tell your friends, post to Facebook, tweet it…..the person with the most votes wins the contest. ¬†It’s that simple!!! ¬†So rally your team and have everyone vote once a day if they can for these 12 days. ¬†I will post a direct link to the page for voting on May 1st.

Grand Prize Winner:  FREE session with Christine Erin Photography in June on location at Presque Isle.

BONUS!!!!! ¬†If we get 20+ photo entries, I will offer a MINI session day in June to ALL participants of the photo contest for $50.00 per session, and each family ¬†gets a free 5×7 print of their favorite “pose”from their session with me. ¬†So spread the news…tell everyone about the contest!!! ¬†Then you can either win your FREE regular session, or get a $50.00 mini session with Christine Erin Photography!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Hope –¬†“to cherish a desire with anticipation”

While growing up, my one “hope” or desire was to have a child/children and be able to be a stay at home mom. ¬†Once I achieved that goal, the word “hope” took on an entirely new meaning.

I hope they are healthy.  I hope they have a good life.  I hope they stay safe.  I hope people are kind to them, and that they experience as little heartache as possible.  I hope they find happiness.  I hope they find someone, someday, who loves them as much as I do.  I hope they have children of their own.  I hope they live long, prosperous lives.

I have so many hopes and wishes for my children, and every night when I pray, I always ask for these things for them.  Hope, I have found, is really all that I have.


So behind on blogging…….

I can’t believe how long its been since I have blogged! ¬†I apologize to my many clients who have not had their (gorgeous) sessions put up! ¬†I guess the birthdays and holidays of November and December have gotten the best of me. ¬†ūüėõ

Here are a few snapshots of the beautiful couples and families that I have been blessed to photograph over the past few months! ¬†A huge thanks to Leah and Johnny, the Showman Family, and the Young Family for allowing me to photograph them and get to know them a bit better! ūüôā

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Mother/Daughter Memories

Bittersweet.  That would be the definition of my mother/daughter session last week.

I had the opportunity (and privilege!) of photographing my nieces and their mom before the girls go away to school.  One to a prestigious college, the other to a prestigious boarding school she has been dreaming of attending.  Both girls, leaving home and spreading their wings within 3 days of each other.  Bittersweet.

We chose an urban session in downtown Erie. ¬†There are so many beautiful things downtown, we weren’t at a lack for gorgeous backdrops (and I wasn’t at a lack for gorgeous subjects to photograph!). ¬†ūüôā

One of the things I most treasure about my job as a photographer is giving people memories.  Forever memories-to hang on their walls, to put into photo albums, to watch on slideshows on their computers or tvs-whatever they choose, I have helped to give them that gift.  Sometimes this gift is more evident than others.  Sometimes people realize it during the session, some more as they are looking through their pictures after the session is over, sometimes it might not occur to them until years later what they actually have in front of them.  A priceless moment, frozen in time by the click of the shutter.  I think these three ladies realize, as they are all embarking on a new path in their lives, what a priceless gift they have in these photographs.

Enjoy! ūüôā

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Amy and Shawn

What a fantastic family I was able to photograph last week at the beach.  Amy, Shawn and kiddos were so much fun, lighthearted, and easy to capture pictures of while they played on the beach and in the water.  The girls were so happy and had such a great time, I ended up with more shots of them than I knew what to do with!!!  Thanks guys, for giving ME a great memory of a fantastic session on the beach with you!

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