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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity II

Ok….had to slip a few more hiking photos in.  Yesterday we hiked through Pisgah Forest to a waterfall called Skinny Dip Falls.  It was worth the short (but difficult) 1/2 mile hike into the forest to see this waterfall.  The trail was gorgeous (and had the most interesting tree I have ever seen)…and the waterfall consisted of 4 falls along a beautiful stream.  In the summer, people swim here in the clear deep swimming hole section of this area.  In October, it was quiet and deserted (just the way I like it!) as ythe water is too cold for swimming.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

This week, I have been fortunate enough to travel to the mountains of North Carolina to take photos of the fall colors there.  Talk about a fabulous opportunity!  Feeling blessed to be able to be here, I thought this weeks photo challenge was a great time to share some of the images I have captured with all of you.  Enjoy!~

Perspective… the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  I am finding that  how we perceive life: our journey – our paths taken –  is the same thing.

What do you see? A cloudy, rainy, dismal day? Or beauty in the altered sky, water, and wave formations?

Have you ever watched a movie that shows super fast clips of someones thoughts, or flashbacks from their life?  Fast clips.  Might show 30 things in the span of 5 seconds.  It gives you insight into the characters background, or explains their thought processes in a short amount of time, so the movie isn’t 5 hours long.

It occurred to me last night and this morning, as I was reading through some blog posts on wordpress, that this is how I THINK.  This is the way my mind processes everything, every day, all day long.  No complete thoughts.  Words, flashes, images….. faster and faster and faster.

Keeping in mind that I homeschool my 4 children, and that I am a photographer, wife, housekeeper, etc… is a little glimpse into what might go through my mind in the span of 1 minute.  But, remember, I am a photographer.  I see life in images.  In pictures.  Every thought, every chore, every single thing I need to do is a framed image.  Sad, I know, but thats just the way it works.  so………

Ready?  Set.  GO!

“””Laundry.  Crafts.  Edit session.  Check math.  Ugh, look at those all those dirty dishes.  Dog hair all over kitchen floor.  Vacuum. Change fish tank water.  Check email.  Saturate that picture! Yard needs mowed.  Buy halloween costumes.  Plan vacation.  Do spelling.  Dogs need water.  Have I fed cats?  Make lunch.  Make playdough for little ones.  Did I check that math?  I have to finish editing that session!  Computer screen filthy.  Put on tv for kids so I can calm down.  Where’s that bottle of wine??????????”””” *wink*








Often I have compared my life (and my brain) to chucking a bouncy ball into a rubber room.  All four walls, ceiling and floor are rubber (and representative of my life).  I am the bouncy ball.  Boing….boing……boing…..  I keep bouncing from one thing to the next, accelerating as I go along. Each thing I do seems to move me faster and faster.  My friends compare me to Tigger (Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!! 😉








So,being my Tigger-y  self, I decide to read blogs.  Follow blogs.  Start a blog.  Might as well add MORE to the mix, right?  LOL

Yesterday and today, I come across these two blog posts.  Its like a little lightning bolt was sent down from the heavens to shake me up a bit.  Okay….SOMEONE is trying to tell me SOMETHING, so I better listen.  And it wasnt that these blog posts were directed at me, because while I do follow these blogs, I have never met the authors and they do not know me from Adam, other than perhaps recognizing my avatar on the comments page now and again.  Take a peek, you might get something out of them too.

Being Thankful (Rambling with a cantankerous old mule)

The Joy is in the Jouney (Pix & Kardz)

Two key points that stuck in my mind.

From “Being Thankful :  “And I was forced to repent of my attitude. We really do have so much for which to be grateful, no matter what our circumstances!”

And from The Joy is in the Journey:  “You could consider all that still needs to be taken care of as part of the adventure”.








Hmmmmm.  Wow.  Pretty poignant stuff.  Maybe the “bouncy ball” needs to enjoy bouncing around that room a bit more, instead of complaining about it.  Instead of always looking at everything I have to do and stressing about it, maybe I need to realize that IS really the FUN ADVENTURE that is my life.  It is an adventure, and it honestly is fun.  Just getting caught up in the mundane details can take away from it all.

I have ALWAYS told everyone that I lead a charmed life.  In fact, I have said it so many times, my friends are probably sick of hearing that statement from me.  But MAYBE, just maybe, I need to put my heart where my mouth is…and LIVE IT a little more. 🙂










Life is what you make it.  Enjoy ~

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

One of my most favorite things to photograph, I have an entire folder on my Mac dedicated to sunset pictures.  Its so interesting to me, that the same “view” from my backyard can vary so intently each night by the sun, the clouds, and the time of year.  Here are a few I have taken in the past few months…I couldn’t pick only one!  🙂  Enjoy~!




Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”  ~Stanley Horowitz

This is one of my favorite quotations, as nothing could express how I feel about the seasons more perfectly.  Fall is, by far, my very favorite!  Enjoy~!


Discovering the Beauty of Erie ~ 5 minute photo challenge CONTINUED

For those of you following my blog on HelloErie , I promised I would post the rest of my pictures of my personal 5 minute photo challenge here.  For those who happened to find THIS post first, you are doing it backwards!  Quick–go here and read the quick blog post explaining the concept before continuing:

So, without further ado, here are my quick snapshots taken on my 5 minute challenge.  Did you complete the challenge?  If so, I would love to see the photos you took as you were discovering the beauty of Erie, or your  own hometown, wherever you might be!  Post a link to your photos in the comment  box below. Thanks for sharing!  ~ Christine

Random fun this week……

This week, I gave myself a personal challenge to just snap random shots, things that came to me or things I saw as I was out and about.  This encompased trying a new funky technique (called zoom effect…see flower below), getting great pics of the sky if I so happened to see them, and capturing some precious moments between siblings along the way.  I was delighted with some of the results I got….here are a few of my favorites. Remember you can check out ALL my favorites on my website:

Now, Enjoy!



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